OPEN MOUNTAIN land art project

“Going To the Mountains is Going Home” is a land art project that stirs a sense of place while drawing attention to land and its usage. The piece homesteads wilderness: settles people within untouched forest, outside the borders of ski runs and gondola route, suggests that wilderness as well as the culture of sport re-creates soul and body. Suggests that uncultivated spaces provide necessary space.

Erected on the North Peak of Mountain Creek ski resort, in collaboration with Mac Premo, the A-frame structure cut with John Muir’s phrase is clad with real cedar tree bark on one side, creating a wide rectangle of organic material in the middle of the forest—a basic, shelter from, but within, the wild. A monolithic outlook over the entire valley below.

The piece embodies the vision of Open Mountain Projects, which uses contemporary art to reimagine wild spaces and provoke interest in conservation and ecological education.