NEW MOON public art sculpture 

As a proposal for a public art piece Jesse Lee Wilson teamed up with creative director/poet Shabazz Larkin to conceive New Moon. The 30ft semi circle form stands as a two-sided wall, resembling the shape of a moonrise lifting across the horizon of the earth. The experience of this artwork will close the gap of space between viewer and object, essentially bringing the rising moon into the reach of their curiosity and longing—even into their fingertips. The wall is constructed of a ground breaking new material pioneered by LAVADA Inc. that infuses concrete with fiber-optic cable allowing for a stunning transfer of light, creating a translucent appearance. The thousands of strands of fiber optic are organized in an arrangement that creates an impressionistic image of the moon with all its scars and craters. This unique “see-through” feature allows people to interact with the piece in an explorative, playful manner, seeing their silhouettes appear in the moon as they approach, closing in on desire to touch the light.